Love is Strange (2014) Rated R

love is strangeBen and George get married after being together for 39 years. Upon hearing the news, George’s employer terminates him from his Catholic teaching post.  George and Ben are then forced to live separately with other family members. Starring Alfred Molina, John Lithgow, Darren E. Burrows, Marisa Tomei

Here they go again, pitting the church against homosexuality. There is no need for that. I understand that there are issues after they get married, but adding fuel to the fire with the religious employer was unnecessary.  There are so many other reasons that they could have lost their New York City apartment.

That said, the main premise of the film is the beauty of love and family, even when reconnecting proves difficult.  This film does a wonderful job of exploring how to live with extended family members under difficult circumstances and how to keep love alive when separated by those same circumstances.

Even so, I do not recommend this film, due to my personal distaste for the way they incorporated the church vs same sex marriage element- completely unnecessary, in my opinion.





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