Barabbas (2012) Rated NR

BarabbasBased on the story of Barabbas, the man whose life was spared in place of  Jesus for the crucifixion. Starring Billy Zane, Cristiana Capotondi, Filippo Nigro

For a man with such significance to the outcome of the gospel story, mentioned in all four gospels, Barabbas is really a mystery.  All we know from the gospel accounts is that he was a convicted criminal; we don’t know anything of his life before or especially after his life was spared.  Did Christ’s death, in his place (and, spiritually speaking, in the place of the entire human race), change him at all?  What the Bible doesn’t reveal about him is explored in depth in this movie.  Although it doesn’t accurately represent Christianity, it does hold to a measure of the truth, and gives some interesting insight into this mysterious, compelling character.  This film is worth a watch.


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