Cloudy with a Chance for Love (2015) Rated TV-G

Cloudy with a chance of loveA meteorologist must decide between her new job as the weather girl or getting her PhD. She must also figure out if her boss is interested in her or just trying to work up  the corporate ladder. Starring Katie Leclerc, Michael Rady, Floriana Lima

This film has all the ingredients of a traditional Hallmark romance.  Even with no plot surprises, it remains enjoyable.   The one, welcome surprise comes from the actors, Michael Rady and Katie Leclerc, who had wonderful chemistry throughout.  I really connected into the moment that Rady notices Leclerc and begins to fall for her.  They worked so well together, I wondered whether they were a real-life couple, as well.  If you want to watch a heart-warming romance, this one fits the bill.  It is worth a watch.



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