Brush of Honor (INSP) Rated PG

Brush of honorBrush of Honor is a reality show whose mission is to honor fallen service members. The artist Phil Taylor paints a portrait of the fallen service member and delivers it to the family as a tribute for his/her sacrifice. Starring Phil Taylor, Lisa Taylor, Gary Sinise

I can’t get though an episode of this show without crying. Taylor invests time and effort into finding out all he can about the featured service member to bring the fullness of their life to his work.  In each episode, we journey with Phil to the service member’s home town, where he talks with friends and family members to gather information. He than returns to Texas, where The American Fallen Soldiers Project headquarters is located. While there, he takes two to three weeks to create a black and white painting of his subject.  The only color in the painting is the subject’s eyes- the windows to their soul- which effectively brings the picture to life.  As Phil paints, his wife organizes the presentation ceremony, yet another way they honor the fallen service member. This is a can’t miss television series. It’s so worth at least one watch.

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