Never Wave at a WAC (1953) Rated NR

A divorced socialite joins the Army in hopes that she will be transferred to Paris where her boyfriend is stationed. Unbeknownst to her, her ex-husband is assisting the Army, too. Starring Rosalind Russell, Paul Douglas, Marie Wilson

This is a cute film that helped promote the idea of women in the Army Corps. Predictable and contrived, it still manages to charm the viewer.  I was distracted by Rosalind Russell who, at age 46, is playing a woman enlisting in the Army, when the oldest one can be to enlist is 35 years.  Add in an even older looking Paul Douglas as her ex-husband, and the lack of chemistry between them, and it becomes more difficult to suspend judgment.  If you can get past the noticeable age discrepancy and the lack of chemistry, though, there is still enough to enjoy that I would say it is worth a watch.


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