Once Upon a Holiday (2015) Rated TV-G

Once Upon a HolidayA princess runs away from her royal obligations, only to fall in love with a poor, good Samaritan. Starring Paul Campbell, Briana Evigan, Greg Evigan.

As much as I love Campbell, who is his normal, charming self, the movie itself failed to impress me.  Campbell seemed completely mismatched with Evigan, who never really relaxed into her role as the runaway princess.  Actually, the story felt out-of-sync.  It’s the typical tale of a secretly rich girl who falls for a poor guy and is afraid to show her true identity.  It has worked many other times, but it doesn’t work here.  Of course, Hallmark manages to wrap everything up in a nice bow, with no real rhyme or reason to the story.  I wish it had been better, but I cannot recommend it.  This is a pass for me.



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  1. Craig parsons says:

    This is a wonderful wonderful wonderful Christmas classic which I will make a Christmas nearly tradition to watch every so often around the festive period

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