Ice Sculpture Christmas (2015) Rated TV-G

Ice Sculpture ChristmasAn aspiring chef is reacquainted with a childhood friend and enters an ice sculpture competition against her new boss. Starring Tonya Albers, David Alpay, Rachel Boston.

I really enjoyed this holiday film from Hallmark. The story flowed so well and the antagonist wasn’t one of the main characters, which kept the film very warmhearted, without being overly sweet. Also, the romance developed over time and wasn’t rushed, which I appreciated.

The only part that bothered me was how quickly Callie, the chef, believed the lies that the antagonist told her. At that point, the romantic relationship was solidly established, and she should have questioned the lies instead of readily believing them.  Hallmark tends to take this track of making the characters question why they should be together, though. In this movie, it just took away from the overall goodness of the film, which was a little disappointing.  Still, this was one of the better Hallmark Christmas films this year. It is worth a watch.


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