The Ultimate Legacy (2015) Rated PG

Ultimate legacyA privileged young man must change his ways to receive his inheritance. Starring  Raquel Welch, Doug Jones, Brian Dennehy, Logan Bartholomew, Myko Olivier, Katie McClellan.

This was the worst of the three films in this Hallmark series. A bad case of overacting seemed to overtake the entire cast, even the veteran actors.  Also, I felt that the theme of the series was misinterpreted this time.  It is supposed to be about a privileged person who takes on hard work and learns to care for those around him.  Here, the main character plants one garden and gives one concert, and suddenly, he is able to understand the plight of the needy?  Instead of remaining for a year, he gets to leave after just four months.  I had a hard time believing he had experienced a true transformation, and I was further irked to see that he got the girl, too.  None of it added up for me, making this film a pass.


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