Playing It Cool (2015) R

playing it coolAn anti-love screenwriter is asked to write a romantic comedy.  With a serious case of writer’s block, he meets Her (who has a boyfriend), and all kinds of cathartic chaos ensues. Starring Chris Evans, Michelle Monaghan, Topher Grace, Aubrey Plaza, Luke Wilson, Martin Starr, Ioan Gruffudd.

Ugh.  Apart from the great supporting cast and reasonable acting by the leads (the cast is the reason I picked this movie; I had no other information to go on), this movie was a disaster.  It features a completely self-centered male lead playing a gender-reversed role (basically the guy acts like a girl).  The abundance of crass, sexual humor was a total turn-off for me, as was the abundance of dialogued dating scenes. It was like a belabored study of how to communicate on a date.

My husband, who suffered through it with me, asked if he ever acted like Evans’ character, to which I chuckled.  “I didn’t think so, but if this is how [dating] is done, I don’t know how I ever got married,” he replied.

And, what’s up with Monaghan looking like a flawless 27-year old in a 40-year old’s body?  Thanks a lot, Michelle. 😉

Has the contemporary romantic comedy really become fodder for the mid-30’s/early 40’s set?  What’s going on with all the 20-something’s?  I think I’m too old (and married) for all this hooking up, only it turns out the people doing it onscreen are my age.  Crazy!  Get your lives together already and settle down.  This movie, even with it’s brief moments of humor, was a pass for me.

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