Christmas Every Day (1996) Rated NR

Christmas Every DayBilly is not having a good Christmas, and to make matters worse, his sister wishes for Christmas to be everyday, thus making Billy relive Christmas Day over and over.  Based on William Dean Howells’s 1892 short story, Christmas Every Day. Starring Robert Hays, Bess Armstrong, Erik von Detten.

This is a charming Christmas film about a boy whose Christmas keeps getting worse as the day goes on, but as it gets repeated, he learns to make the most of it, much like the film Groundhog Day.

It is much better than the ABCFamily remake  Christmas Do-Over because, in this movie, the family is more connected and engaged with each other, and Billy is just a typical teenage boy; getting to watch his transformation through each, re-lived Christmas Day is enjoyable. A great story for Christmas, this movie is worth a watch.




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