Elena of Avalor (Disney) Rated TV-Y

Elena of AvalorPrincess Elena has saved her magical kingdom but now she must learn to rule her kingdom. Starring Aimee Carrero, Christian Lanz, Jenna Ortega, Julia Vera, Jorge Diaz, Joe Nunez, Emiliano Díez, Jillian Rose Reed.

There is nothing inherently special about this Disney TV show.  What it lacks is a back story to the character of Elena.  We don’t know anything about her history, her kingdom, or her present circumstances heading into the show.

This will appeal to young girls who love princess stories, and each episode has a good moral.  However, Disney could have benefited from pre-releasing a movie about Elena before creating the show.  If you don’t mind the magical elements of Elena’s world, this is an okay TV show worth at least checking out.


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