*Loosely Exactly Nicole (MTV) Rated TV-14

loosely-exactly-nicoleNicole is trying to live the Hollywood dream, as she battles auditions, unpaid electric bills and romance. Starring Nicole Byer, Jacob Wysocki, Jen D’Angelo.

I am sorely disappointed in a lot of these new shows lately. This is just another one that makes me wonder if TV executives really know what makes good TV. For starters, I really don’t want to watch a woman sleeping around and then talking openly about her sexual conquests every chance she gets. That only proves that person isn’t happy and that she doesn’t really know what she wants. This is the basis for this show, which doesn’t make it much fun to watch. Yes, I know what more can I expect for watching something from MTV, but really, can’t they do any better than this.  This show is a pass.




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