Beverly Lewis’ The Confession (2013) Rated NR

When Katie Lapp gets shunned by her Amish community, she goes in search of her biological mother, who is dying of cancer. When she finds her mother, she must set the record straight, including a little mistaken identity. Based on the book by Beverly Lewis. Starring Steve Boles, Ray Collins, Al Curl, Katie Leclerc, Adrian Paul, Sherry Stringfield.

In this sequel to The Shunning, Danielle Panabaker was unable to reprise her role as Katie, so she was replaced by Katie Leclerc. This film has some of the same plot problems as the first, in addition to poor acting and writing. The Shunning was much better than this film. With a messy story line and an uneven connection to the events in the first film, it falls short. The one exception is Stringfield, who acted well. This movie is a pass.

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