Heart and Souls (1993) Rated PG-13

 A businessman is reunited with his guardian angels from childhood in order for them to pass into the afterlife and giving him a reason to live. Starring Robert Downey Jr., Charles Grodin, Alfre Woodard, Kyra Sedgwick, Tom Sizemore, Elisabeth Shue.

This is one of my favorite Robert Downey Jr. films. It is such a charming story of a group of spirits who died together and got stuck together when Downey’s character, Thomas was born. Together, they navigate the world around them until the spirits realize that they are causing more problems for Thomas than helping him, so they leave. Thirty years later, they return, thinking they can help him navigate the world again.  In the end, they all get something from their friendship. This film is so worth a watch and the soundtrack will have you singing along. 🙂


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