The Christmas Snowman (2017) Rated TV-PG

 A woman who helps the neighborhood kids build a snowman dreams of the perfect guy. Starring Erin Boyes, Anthony Konechny, Islie Hirvonen.

This short Christmas romance, while kind of cute, is probably the worst I’ve seen this year. It was hard to feel the Christmas magic when the movie is based on a woman who dreams of a snowman coming to life and falling in love with her. Apart from the oddity of wanting to fall in love with a snowman was the inordinate amount of time this woman spent sleeping. It’s obvious she has no life outside of sleeping Christmas away, with no family or friends to speak of, dreaming of a snowman coming to life and romancing her. That is crazy single lady syndrome, and I didn’t find anything endearing or romantic about it. This film is a pass.

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