To Rome for Love (BRAVO) Rated NR

 A group of women head to Rome to find love. Starring Mercedes Young, Cece Counts, Diann Valentine.

This is a reality show that takes a group of African-American women to Rome to find love. I have two problems with the show. One, it is only comprised of African-American women and not just women in general. They try to make it a way to honor the women, but I just couldn’t get over how often they commented on the skin tone. Two, it’s a typical reality romance show. Get a group of women together looking for romance, and you get the cattiness of them bickering about the men and comforting each other as they talk about how awful their previous men were. There are two sides to every romance, and it’s hard to see them rip the men apart. This is one that isn’t worth a watch.

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