The Thanksgiving House (2013) Rated TV-G

A lawyer inherits a house in Plymouth only to discover that it may be a historical treasure. Starring Emily Rose, Justin Bruening, and Julia Jones.

This is one of those Hallmark films that is just another predictable romantic movie. The actors do a good job of bringing the characters to life. I especially enjoy watching Emily Rose playing the role of the lawyer who inherits the house. The basis of the film – that the house sits on the site of the first Thanksgiving – is preposterous, and the filmmakers don’t do a good job making it plausible. While Hallmark isn’t known for making sure the setting is cohesive to the overall story and scenes, this film’s production is one of the worst I’ve seen from them. I wish there were more films out there about Thanksgiving. This one certainly isn’t one of the best movies about the holiday. It’s unfortunate that it wasn’t better, and sadly, this one’s not worth a watch.

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