Wrong Man (STARz) Rated TV-MA

A docuseries investigates three prisoners who claim they have wrongful convictions. Starring Ronald Kuby, Sue-Ann Robinson, Joe Kennedy, and Ira Todd.

The Wrong Man follows investigators as they reexamine criminal cases of inmates who claim their innocence after years of incarceration. They uncover new theories, additional suspects, and further evidence. The first episode presents evidence that creates reasonable doubt as to the convictions.  The show brings forth new information on the cases, but it also highlights the problem of time. We don’t always remember what we saw, and time can make our memories fade. Although the evidence allows for reasonable doubt, it remains to be seen whether or not it’s enough to overturn the convictions. This is a wonderful series, but it’s not new. There are a number of TV series that investigate similar cases to see if new evidence exists that would ensure the correct person is convicted. This show is just one among hundreds, and it doesn’t stand out from the others in any particular way. Even though it is interesting, it’s not worth a watch.

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