Pose (FX) Rated TV-MA

Set in New York City in 1987, the societies of luxury, literature, and ball scenes are in full swing. Starring Evan Peters, Mj Rodriguez, and Dominique Jackson.

Ryan Murphy knows how to tell a story; although, I have yet to discover one that I enjoy. Pose is an interesting story about those on the outside of society trying to achieve the lives they want. Ryan Murphy weaves the tale of these characters as they conquer their dreams, and it’s not always roses and peaches. Their stories draw you in and make you care about these individuals. However, what turned me off was the scene between the mother and son. When the mother confronts the son concerning his sins, the son claims that he doesn’t sin at all. This made my heart sink; we all sin and not acknowledging the sin is a sin. This just made me want to turn off the show – it’s not worth the watch.


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