The National Tree (2009) Rated TV-G

A teenager’s spruce tree is chosen to be the National Tree at the White House. Starring Andrew McCarthy, Evan Williams, and Kari Matchett.

This is one of those mediocre films from Hallmark. It isn’t the usual romance flick of the holiday season although it is about love. The film centers on a father and son who, years earlier, planted a tree to honor their lost wife/mother. Over the years, the tree grows, and now the father must sell his land, which means losing the tree. However, the son is bound to save the tree. Ultimately, it is chosen to be the National Christmas Tree at the White House. The whole story revolves around the tree and the love the father and son have toward their wife/mother and the tree. It tells a story of love and loss and hope, but there isn’t anything spectacular about it. The film isn’t worth a watch.

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