Midway to Heaven (2011) Rated PG

Ned Stevens lost his wife to cancer years ago but can’t seem to leave her memory and move on with his life. His daughter comes home from college with a new beau and believes it’s time for her father to move on. Based on a novel, Midway to Heaven, by Dean Hughes. Starring Curt Doussett, Kirby Heyborne, and Michelle Money.

This is a typical Christian film; it just touches the surface of the story and doesn’t dig deep into the emotions that come with losing someone and trying to overcome the loss. It isn’t a simple thing to move on after a loss, but the film makes it as simple as can be. It’s also so super sweet that it’s beyond sappy. With a character struggling with loss, you would think there would be more challenge and anger than what is shown in the film. Then you have the overly powering religious messages that are in LDS films. This film has a great premise, but I found the message lacking and not as strong as it could have been. It’ not worth the watch.

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