Christmas With Tucker (2013) Rated NR

After the death of his father, a boy befriends a dog. Based on the book by Greg Kincaid. Starring James Brolin, Gage Munroe, and Barbara Gordon.

This film has the basic Christmas storyline. We have a boy who is coming to terms with the loss of his father, and he befriends a dog that teaches him how to adjust to his new life and shows him what love truly is. There are points in the story when I struggled to understand where the writers were going with the script – I mean, sending the dog back to an owner that was questionably abusive? That’s a little hard to swallow. As with most of these Christmas films, the acting does leave little to show for the performance. I think it’s most likely because they are just trying to shoot these films out every year. I think the movie tells us a great story about lessons in life, which makes the film worth a watch.

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