Straight A’s (2013) Rated R

A former addict haunted by his mother’s ghost heads home to the family he abandoned. Starring Ryan Phillippe, Anna Paquin, and Luke Wilson.

This film fits the saying that it isn’t good to judge a book by its cover. The title doesn’t give a clue on what the movie is about. It’s not really a romantic comedy. In fact, the film is more of a drama than a comedy. There isn’t anything really funny about the film. It’s more about a prodigal son returning and how the family handles the return. The film, at times, comes off with a soap opera essence. The actors are all good; they are able to pull us into the story. It’s not the best story, but it’s one that has a lot of family values about making mistakes and forgiving. There’s a lot more to life. It’s a film that is worth a watch.

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