A Private War (2018) Rated R

War correspondent, Marie Colvin, traveled the world in war-torn countries to give voice to the voiceless; with her photographer, she embarks on the assignment to Homs. Starring Rosamund Pike, Greg Wise, and Alexandra Moen.

The film is based on a Vanity Fair article, “Marie Colvin’s Private War” by Marie Brenner. The film jumps through time as we follow Colvin through her marriages, the wars she cover, and the élite parties she attended. Colvin struggled with what she saw, and she saw things that we, who have never lived through a war, have seen. She medicated those visions, PTSD, and nightmares with alcoholism. The film jumps from war to parties to her personal life and back again, not staying too long in one place to actually feel anything, other than her chaotic life – nothing seems stable. Pike was brilliant to watch. The film’s only downfall was its ending – it was so anti-climatic. The film was pushing us toward this ending, but then it wasn’t as dramatic as I would have thought it would be. I don’t know if that was out of respect for Colvin or her family and friends, but it was just there, nothing drastic. Even with the ending, the film is still one to watch.

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