Shades of Blue (NBC) Rated TV-14

A female police officer and mother is forced to work for the F.B.I.’s anti-corruption task force while still struggling with her  financials. Starring Jennifer Lopez, Ray Liotta, and Drea de Matteo.

The critics loved this show. I did not. It felt like it was a story that had been told before. There was no originality to it. Jennifer Lopez either made or broke the show, but what she didn’t do was leave the J-Lo persona off camera. I felt like I was watching Lopez being a sexy police officer instead of a struggling mother. Now, the actual premise of the show, which has been done before, wasn’t bad. It was nice to see good cops trying to stop the crooked cops, but this line was too blurred and you couldn’t tell which were good cops and which were bad. This show was not worth a watch.

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