Mulan (2020) Rated PG-13

A young Chinese maiden disguises herself to become a warrior. Starring Yifei Liu, Donnie Yen, and Li Gong.

This could’ve been an amazing live action remake of the animated film. Alas, this live action missed the theme that the animation brought to the forefront. The film’s pacing is rather long as well. At least in the animation version we had music that carried the story along; here we don’t have music – just time lapse sequences. The animation told a great story that a woman who works hard can do anything she wants, which is lost in this film due to the fact that it went supernatural with witchcraft. They show Mulan having special powers that make her special rather than working hard to get where she is. They also left out the wonderful romance between her and her superior. It’s hinted at but not really seen. This is a remake that is not worth the watch. 

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