Land (2021) Rated PG-13

A bereaved woman decides to live off the grid. Starring Robin Wright, Demián Bichir, and Sarah Dawn Pledge.

This film was a pleasant surprise. I wasn’t expecting the story to head in the direction it did. Robin Wright was also a pleasant surprise. Her performance came across as a brilliant underscore rather than a preachy political statement. She’s a city woman who experiences a tragic loss. She feels that she can’t live with people after her loss, so she buys a cabin in the middle of the Wyoming wilderness. She, of course, believes that she’s prepared for living off the grid, but as everyone that has lived in the middle of nowhere knows, she is not. Luck, though, is on her side. She meets a man and a nurse who help her learn to live off the grid. Throughout the story, I wondered where she gets money. She somehow has money to pay for supplies, and I also wonder how she continues to get supplies. How does she get bananas? I mean, after she meets these two, she suddenly has supplies that she didn’t have before. The film is brilliant otherwise, and Wright really does a wonderful job of portraying a bereaved woman trying to start anew. The only question left is, if she goes completely off the grid again, how would she get bananas? This film is worth a watch. 

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