Cruel Summer (Freeform) Rated TV-14

One summer in a small Texas town, the popular girl goes missing and another girl, who’s a wallflower, takes her place. Starring Olivia Holt, Chiara Aurelia, and Harley Quinn Smith.

This isn’t the most fluid show; we jump around three different time frames. We have the summer prior to the abduction, the summer after the abduction, and then a few years later. We see Jeanette’s changes as everything happens in her life before the girl goes missing, after she goes missing, and after they find the missing girl. What happened that one summer? Mystery abounds. The series twists and turns as they uncover the truth of what happened to the missing girl and why Jeanette changed so much through the years. This series is interesting and brilliantly written. It’s worth a watch.

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