ZIWE (Showtime) Rated TV-MA

ZIWE hosts a variety show that challenges the comforts of America with race, politics, and cultural issues. Starring Ziwe Fumudoh, Cole Escola, and Patti Harrison.

At first glance, I really thought this show was stupid. I’m still thinking it’s not the smartest show. It’s not the least bit funny, and I enjoy sarcastic humor. I think they are trying to create their humor by showing how woke they are, but they are actually pointing out how stupid they are. The first episode brings on Fran Lebowitz, who leans left, talking about things she believes in while the whole time she looks like a hypocritic. The exact opposite of who she is. Now, if the show’s whole point is laughing at one’s self, that could make the show more enjoyable – but still not funny. This show is definitely not the smartest show I’ve seen. It’s not worth a watch. 

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