Alter Ego (FOX) Rated TV-PG

 Singers from all walks of life try to become stars by singing as avatars. Starring Rocsi Diaz, Grimes, and Nick Lachey. 

I thought this show would be interesting, and it is to a point. However, there’s a lot that is bad about the show. One, the contestants all seem to have problems with their looks. I understand – as most people have problems with their look, but I felt the judges were judging more on the personality of the contestants and not on the singing. The singing, on the other hand, is not the best we have heard on competition shows. Some are bad. Then you have the contestants all wanting to be famous, and they seem to be more interested in thirty seconds of fame than working hard at becoming good singers. I worry that whoever wins will still struggle with their singing due to not having any training in the arts. What does make the show interesting is that these contestants look different from what you’d expect based on their voices, and that is fun to watch. Ultimately, the show is still not worth a watch. 

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