Ghosts (CBS) Rated TV-14

A young couple inherits a beautiful country home but discovers that it’s both falling apart and inhabited by its previous, deceased residents. Starring Utkarsh Ambudkar, Rose McIver, and Brandon Scott Jones.

This is show is entertaining and fun. Sure, there is a list of characters that seem over-the-top and stereotypical. I have yet to see the British version of the show, but I can guess that it’s probably better than this. Although, the American remake is fun and entertaining. McIver is enjoyable to watch in her role as the wife, and Ambudkar, playing the husband who believes in his wife’s gift, brings in the odd part of their relationship. Granted, the chemistry between the two isn’t the best, but it will probably get better. The series has the potential to be a good show and worth a watch.


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