Adele One Night Only (2021) Rated NR

 A primetime special where Adele gives a concert with some of her new material and clips of an interview with Oprah. Starring Adele, Oprah Winfrey, and James Corden. 

I’ll start this review with a statement that this is my opinion of the event, it may or may not be how the producers or Adele believe the event is represented. 

I am not a big fan of Adele. I believe she has a wonderful voice and she writes amazing songs. However, this TV special hit me in a not so nice way. To me, this seems like an elite-only event where anybody of any clout was asked to attend. In a state that continues to close down events due to the pandemic, I really thought the show exhibited the “do as I say and not as I do” mentality. I really got the feeling of it being a “Nazi” event where the rest of the world is struggling to survive and the elite get to have a special concert for themselves. I don’t blame Adele for this. Granted, she may have wanted the show like this, but I put the blame mostly on Oprah. We’ll just do a who’s who in Hollywood because the average citizens can’t be here and we’ll have a concert. The whole event left a bad taste in my mouth. I wasn’t able to enjoy the concert or her interview due to my feelings. This, again, is my interpretation of the event, and maybe they didn’t mean it the way the program came off, but I didn’t get that impression. It’s not worth watch. 

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