Life at Vet U (AnimalPlanet) Rated NR

Animal Planet takes us into the world of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, where six students are on the verge of graduation when the world is their oyster. Starring Lindsay Gallagher, Clint Kuban, and Morgan Taylor.

I was not too impressed with this show. I’ve held all veterinary programs to the PBS show, Vets in Practice. Vets in Practice brought to life the personal and professional lives of the country vet in England. I loved that show, so when I see something similar, I keep hoping to rekindle the love of that show. This show brings the life of a veterinarian to the small screen. We see their practices on how they handle both the animals and their owners, as well as helping the animals. We also see them at the decision-making point in their lives regarding what to do with their careers. Unlike the British reality series, this one doesn’t bring in a character that I can relate to or care to see where they go in their lives. It’s just a show about the challenges in life that we all go through. It’s interesting but not worth a watch.

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