Conviction (ABC) Rated TV-14

A brilliant attorney and first daughter are blackmailed to investigate wrongful convictions. Starring Hayley Atwell, Eddie Cahill, and Shawn Ashmore.

This show has a lot of names to cast for the characters. If it has a good script and storyline, it should be a piece of cake and a breakout hit. Alas, it is not. I actually found it monotonous. Why does the main character have to have the weight of both top attorney and being a first daughter on her head? That right there is a lot to carry; it’s amazing she doesn’t break. Then you have a new unit that she was blackmailed into joining. All of this is over the top and unrealistic. This show has little to hold my attention, except maybe the brilliant acting, but there is a need for stories. This show lacks real stories. It’s not worth a watch.

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