Bluey (Disney) Rated TV-Y

An Australian Blue Heeler Cattle Dog puppy has fun every day with her family and friends. Starring David McCormack, Melanie Zanetti, and Brad Elliott. 

This is a cute little show for kids. It’s not really educational, but the everydayness of the show brings up life skills that all children should learn. The animation is adorable as is the Australian accent they have living in Australia. The show speaks volumes when it goes beyond entertaining and provides life lessons to kids while helping to show parents how to parent. This show is brilliantly written, not with preaching about what not to do but to give you ideas about how to do it. The show does all this in a span of 7 minutes an episode, which is great for the younger generation’s attention. This show is entertaining for both children and adults, making it worth the watch. 

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