Training Day (CBS) Rated TV-14

Training Day follows a rookie cop with a corrupt officer as they fight crime with questionable methods. Starring Bill Paxton, Justin Cornwell, and Katrina Law.

I love Paxton and he’s great in this show; although, Cornwell is not cast well against him. The show has an interesting twist as Cornwell’s character is going undercover to watch Paxton’s character. I just really struggled to get into this series; it’s rather dark and gritty. The show does have issues with tone and script. It’s hard to follow these characters or take sides if they don’t do more than tell us who they are. It’s a show that doesn’t know if it’s a comedy or drama, and the writing is so bad that you can’t even suspend your disbelief. Yes, it’s in a fictional timeline, but that doesn’t excuse the illogical police work. This show is not worth the watch.

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