Christine (2016) Rated R

This is the story of Christine Chubbuck, a 1970s TV reporter struggling with depression, who commits suicide on the job. Starring Rebecca Hall, Michael C. Hall, and Tracy Letts.

I so wanted to see a good movie about Christine’s life. I also want to say that what Christine did is no one’s fault. She struggled at a time when not many people understood or knew how to help her. The film, overall, struggles with giving us a direct story of her life. We bounce from one problem to another without focusing on what is actually happening. Rebecca Hall, who plays Chubbuck, is brilliant at putting a face to the woman who struggled but didn’t find the help she needed. I wish this film gave more of a concrete answer to the questions it asked. Granted, depression is not concrete. Chubbuck had a lot going for her, but she was drowning and nobody was there to save her. This film is not worth watching.

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