The Mulligan (2022) Rated NR


Paul McAllister has everything he could ever want until his world falls apart and his unlikely friendship with an old golf pro changes his life forever. Starring Eric Close, Tanya Christiansen, and Andrew Brodeur. 

As with most Christian films, the writing isn’t the best. The story in and of itself is interesting, but it expects you to know what the underlining truth is. If you don’t know that, it just makes you wonder what’s going on. The main story is that sometimes in life you need a Mulligan (a second chance). Although, what doesn’t come across so clearly is that God often gives you a Mulligan in life. You just have to take it and learn from it. I wish it was more clear. I’ve always enjoyed Close in his projects, but this seemed a little out of his depth. I felt there were a lot of unconfident moments between scenes. This film is not worth the watch. 

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