Movies You Should Avoid


I have a hard time telling people not to watch a film. I believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and what I don’t like you may like. I also know how hard it is to make a film and the work that goes into it. Knowing this, it is difficult for me to criticize any film. Here is a list though that I do not recommend watching.

13 Conversations About One Thing

Rated R

The “one thing” that prompts 13 different conversations is happiness, and in this drama circles all the big questions about happiness, how to find it and how to hold onto it. The characters’ stories meld in a gorgeously shot and inventive edited style that creates a breathtaking sense of heightened realism.

One problem it’s a little too hard to follow the story.

Joe’s Apartment

Rated PG-13

Based on a popular short, the first MTV-produced film shows what happens when Joe moves from rural Iowa to New York. Forced to rent a squalid apartment, the clean-scrubbed Midwesterner discovers the place is infested with thousands of cockroaches. But before he calls the exterminator, Joe decides to see the insects, which quickly win his affection with their distinctly un-insect-like behavior.

My level of suspension of disbelief only goes so far.

The Singing Detective (2003)

Rated R

A Chicago novelist lies bedridden and feverish with an extreme case of psoriasis. Out of boredom, he rework (in his own mind) the story of his first novel, The Singing Detective, putting himself in the role of the title character. He concocts a fantasy world where he’s in hot pursuit of Nazis in the 1940s, with the help of a few musical numbers.

Maybe I should have watched the BBC Series instead.

The Ten

Rated R

An all-star cast appears in this collection of 10 irreverent tales inspired by the Ten Commandments. Nothing is sacred — not even the sanctity of marriage — in the humorous anthology.

Oh, good Lord.

Three Kings

Rated R

A group of American soldiers stationed in Iraq at the end of the Gulf War. When the three arguably wise men find a map they believe will take them to a huge cache of stolen Kuwaiti gold hidden near their base, they embark on a secret mission that’s destined to change everything.

Only for the cute guys.

synopsis by Netflix

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  1. Linda says:

    Joe’s apartment–great comment
    Three kings–total agreement

    Good job LRA

  2. Neat idea for a list!

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