IndoctriNation (2011) Rated NR

indoctrinationA documentary of the public schools and the decline of Christianity in America. Starring Sam Blumenfeld,  Geoff Botkin, John Eidsmoe

I was aware of a lot of what the documentarians talked about in this film on the public school system. Watching this made me all the more aware of how poor our system has gotten and how bad it’s going to get. I’m beginning to think there is not going to be anything that’ll be able to fix our system except God. I know non Christians hate that but I do think there is a prosecution of Christians in the public school system. It’s ok to talk about Muhammad or Dalai Lama but bring up God or Jesus and they tell you not to mention them. There is something wrong with this picture. Religious freedom means all faiths not just ones that you want to ok. I always think that there must be truth behind Jesus if it’s the one person nobody wants to talk about. I would encourage anyone that has children in the public school system to watch this documentary.


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