Do I Say I Do? (2017) Rated TV-PG

 An author of how-to books on relationships is forced to work with her ex and editor to finish her latest book. Starring Becca Tobin, Ryan Kelley, Jason London.

At first, this movie looked like it would be a cute, clean romance film. Had it been a straightforward story line, I would definitely recommend it, but the film has two different love stories going on. It made it hard to focus on the main romance when there was a another romance coinciding with it in the background. It’s like two separate stories going on at the same time that don’t ever overlap into the main story. Then, there is the problem of overpowering music found in Pixl films. They need to fix this issue. Sometimes, the music is so loud you can’t hear the dialogue, or it contradicts the emotions being conveyed in a scene. It’s very distracting and annoying. That, and the dual story lines make this film a pass.


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