Leavenworth (Starz) Rated TV-MA

A documentary about the Military justice system. Starring Clint Lorance.

This docu-series follows the story of Lorance, who, while in Afghanistan, orders fire on some civilians, killing two of them. Thus, upsetting his platoon. We follow Lorance after his initial conviction as he tries to overturn the conviction. This series promotes that it’s about the Military Justice system, which is used for all branches of the military when a soldier has committed a crime, but it focuses on Lorance’s story. I think the series would have been more interesting if they followed the justice system rather than just Lorance. Although Lorance’s case is interesting, they just hint at the wrongly accused before getting to the actual facts of the case. On top of that, the show leans more toward anti-military and grieving family than the truth of the case. This show is not worth a watch.

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