A Merry Tudor Christmas with Lucy Worsley (2019) Rated NR

Lucy Worsley takes us back to the Tudor dynasty and the 12 days of Christmas. We celebrate with food, presents, dress, dances, music, celebrations, and customs. Starring Lucy Worsley.

Lucy Worsley does a wonderful job at taking us into the historical world of the King Henry VIII and the celebrations his court had during  the Christmas season. We get a look at the food they ate, the presents that given to the king, how they dressed, and the dances they attended. We don’t just get a look at the historical aspects of the era but also what was happening in King Henry’s household. Worsley loves showing us the historical past, and it’s contagious. It was a time of opulence, but also a time for the true meaning behind the twelve days of Christmas. This show is worth a watch. 

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