The Apocalypse (2000)

Rated NR

John is being held captive on the island of Patmos. While there he continues to spread the Truth and when a young woman visits him, he gives her his journals including some visions that become the book of Revelation. Starring Richard Harris, Vittoria Belvedere, Benjamin Sadler

I enjoyed this film. Richard Harris, of course, was the highlight of the film but I do believe that this film could have carried without him. I haven’t seen too many films that portray John in his later life. I always believe there should be more films about his life. Since, I haven’t seen to many, I have to say that this one was wonderfully done. It show a lot of what he must have gone through. I only had one issue and that was the ending of the film when everyone on Patmos was released. I don’t believe that was a truthful event but other than that it was an interesting watch.

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